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In Windows, open File Explorer, right-click the bootstrapper file, choose Properties, choose the Details tab, and then view the Product version number. To match that number to a release of Visual Studio, see the Visual Studio build numbers and release dates page. Step 2 - Create a local install cache You must have an internet connection to complete this step. Important If you install Visual Studio Community, you must activate it within 30 days of installation.

This requires an internet connection. Open a command prompt and use one of the commands from the following examples. The examples that are listed here assume that you're using the Community edition of Visual Studio; adjust the command as appropriate for your edition.

Tip To prevent an error, make sure that your full installation path is less than 80 characters. NET web and. NET desktop development, run: ManagedDesktop --add Microsoft. NetWeb --add Component. NET desktop and Office development, run: NativeDesktop --includeRecommended --lang en-US To create a complete local layout with all features this will take a long time—we have lots of features! For more information, see System requirements. And for information about how to create a layout with only the components you want to install, see Use command-line parameters to install Visual Studio.

If you want to install a language other than English, change en-US to a locale from the List of language locales. Then, use the list of the components and workloads available to further customize your installation cache. Step 3 - Install Visual Studio from the local cache Tip When you run from a local install cache, setup uses the local versions of each of these files.

But if you select components during installation that aren't in the cache, setup attempts to download them from the internet. Important For offline installations, if you get an error message that says "A product matching the following parameters cannot be found", make sure that you are using the --noweb switch with version To make sure that you install only the files that you've previously downloaded, use the same command-line options that you used to create the layout cache.

For example, if you created a layout cache with the following command: VisualStudio --includeOptional For more examples of how to use command-line parameters , see the Command-line parameter examples for Visual Studio installation page.

Note If you get an error that a signature is invalid, you must install updated certificates. Open the Certificates folder in your offline cache. Double-click each of the certificate files, and then click through the Certificate Manager wizard.

If you're asked for a password, leave it blank. List of language locales.

Microsoft Visual Studio Express is a set of integrated development environments (IDEs) a feature that was previously exclusive to the paid editions (Professional and Express editions of Visual Studio are, however, still available for the .. "Best Practices for migrating Windows 7 desktop apps to Windows Store. Visual Studio Licensing and Purchase of purchasing Visual Studio Professional. You can purchase Visual Studio Professional without subscriber benefits (formerly called Check out the Visual Studio Pricing Page. For the next version of its Visual Studio, Microsoft has consolidated the enterprise Visual Studio Professional will cost $1, to purchase new, and Amazon's superb Fire TV Stick 4K hits $35, its lowest price this year.

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Android apps Automatically creating JavaScript skeleton code segments JavaScript Intellisense and debugging features saves valuable developer time by automatically creating JavaScript skeleton code segments that only need some editing. IntelliSense lets developers use undefined identifiers and define them later but still also has the ability to autocomplete them.

Call Hierarchy feature Call Hierarchy feature allows developers to view all methods that call each other when one is selected. Intuitive code analysis feature It can examine code, much like an actual software engineer would. It assesses code complexity and the size of files. It uses this information and an intelligent reasoning algorithm to estimate how maintainable the code base is.

It automates the software delivery process. Team actions and project artifacts such as requirements, tasks, bugs, source code, build results and test results are all tracked.

Subversion or Git Code can be stored and different versions are controlled through Subversion or Git. Repository cloning is a simple process. It is also easier to keep code in sync if you are working from multiple machines. NET Framework 4 and aims to offer better support for Windows 7 applications. Docker Support Docker Support is a new impressive feature. It can be added to a project by simply toggling a checkbox to add it.

Libraries, code and developer artifacts are bundled and shipped as a Docker container. The developer has full access to all these commands, so they can see how the whole containerization process works. Multi-Targeting support Multi-Targeting support allows developers to target different versions of the. NET Framework.

They will be able to take advantage of new Visual Studio features without needing to migrate existing projects and applications that have already been deployed. Incredibly easy set up Microsoft Visual Studio provides stable integration experience between development and deployment. If a change in code breaks the unit test, there is an immediate notification. Microsoft Visual Studio editions Editions of Microsoft Visual Studio are available through the Volume Licensing program, across the most common industries, as in the case of Visual Studio Professional Open Government and other similar versions.

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