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Microsoft Streets and Trips Replacements. In December , Microsoft decided to discontinue Streets and Trips. Here is a list of some of the best alternatives on . Mar 02,  · For those who have used Microsoft Streets and Trips before, doesn't have any real changes. The buttons at the top of the screen for locating nearby points or routing are kind of ugly now but you don't buy navigation software based on how pretty the buttons are/5. Shop Streets & Trips Windows at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Price Match Guarantee/5(4).

ST Get notified of new products and services - This is Microsoft's 3rd iteration of this feature. In there was a simple implementation that popped up a small dialog box letting the user know that a new version is available. In , it was expanded so the text in the message could be changed and messages could be displayed to any version of the product including the multilingual versions of MapPoint and AutoRoute.

Now in , Microsoft has the ability to show the user an image on launch. It can alert users to a new version or a special promotion or to a cool new tip on laptopgpsworld. On the menu bar, click Help, then select Send map feedback.

On a couple of occasions in the past, I sent map data corrections to Navteq, and I was delighted to find out they had a system in place that would actually let the user know the result of their investigation. Some improvement in the driving instructions over previous releases - One of the subtle improvements is the richer "towards" signpost data.

This shows up in the Itinerary and is also displayed in the bottom Navigation pane in square brackets []. Also, many additional alternate names have been added. Full version review and user discussion here ST Driving Time, Next Stop, and Distance to End, are now all displayed in the bottom right corner of the Navigation pane.

Save upon close feature has been added. When enabled, Streets and Trips automatically saves custom map settings, and reuses them when the map reopens. Delete visible pushpins inside or outside of a selected area is yet another pushpin management feature added to the trip planning software in the version. The 10, addresses import limit has been removed. This hard coded limit has been removed in the versions of the mapping software. Rename Route Stops is one of those new features added in v.

Right-click an item in the Route Planner, and select "Rename". Pause Windows Media Player during spoken navigation instructions. Configure the software to turn off your music while voice instructions are spoken.

Full review and user discussion here Free trial version — Starting with the version, Microsoft introduces free 60 days trial. Try before you buy. Mexico — Version adds street level map coverage to most of Mexico. Voice direction prompts that include street names - Previous versions of the navigation program would simply say: Left-drag to pan, right-drag to select.

You no longer need to keep switching back-and-forth between the two tools when moving around the map. Saves a huge amount of clicks and mouse travel in normal usage.

Latitude and longitude are always visible in the new Users no longer need to enable Location Sensor. Automatic re-routing is introduced in v. Connected Services — Streets and Trips with Connected Services edition adds the ability to visually display traffic flow by color coding road segments green normal , yellow moderate and read heavy.

It shows traffic incident locations, and it lets users to search for current fuel prices of nearby fuel stations. However, the Connected Services edition was later discontinued. Activation — V. More details here. ST Full-screen navigation mode — The , and later versions, can be optionally switched to full screen mode while navigating. Estimated Drive Time feature - Driving Guidance Pane now shows remaining time to destination in addition to distance to turn.

Dynamic Turn View, also known as auto-zoom, added in version Night Map Style — useful while navigating at night. ST Keep Position Centered. The icon no longer travels all the way to the edge of the map before the map refreshes, but instead it appears there is some "invisible" border close to the centre of the map and when the icon reaches it the map refreshes and icon goes back to the centre.

Not a perfect solution but a great improvement. Rotate Map to Follow Travel Direction - When this feature is enabled, north is not constantly the top of your map, but instead your heading will be the top. Recalculate Route from Current Location. A click of a button recalculates the route from the current GPS location.

Create GPS Trail feature added in v. The feature automatically checks which communication port is the GPS receiver connected to. GPS Pane, introduced in v. It also displays your traveling speed, compass, altitude, latitude and longitude coordinates, and the time of day Full review here Marvin Hlavac As of today, July 1, the new version has been released to the public. I've also separated from this review all of the old replies, and created out of them a separate review thread for the now old ST here.

If you already have your new version, please share with us your first impressions Newbee I reckon the sliders are still place for your drive time speeds, ie. RsH When saving the GPS information, is the time data for each reading saved so that you can calculate your travel speed, which was missing in previous versions?

SpadesFlush Pity Curt did not live to see the drive-time enhancement Baja Boojum The Streets and Trips trial download is now available here: I didn't find any obvious new features or menu items. On my photo of the header icons, that is missing. I have all the toolbars checked. Would you know why that is missing on my trial version, and what is it?

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