SharePoint Workspace 2010

It will work on 32bit and 64bit operating systems. This is a unique key issued directly from Microsoft and the buyer will have the only copy of that key. It can be used on one computer, but can be used multiple times on that computer. After payment is confirmed Within 24 hours. Features of ms SharePoint WorkSpace software: On the go?

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Workspace 2010

Microsoft SharePoint For Dummies Cheat Sheet - dummies

By Vanessa L. Williams Microsoft SharePoint Server takes advantage of the best of the web to help you be more productive at work. With SharePoint , you can manage and search documents, publish reports and business information, track contacts, display information from other databases, and collaborate using blogs, wikis, and discussion boards. SharePoint is a set of Microsoft products that enables businesses to meet their diverse needs in collaboration, social networking, information portals and public websites, enterprise content management, business intelligence, and business applications. SharePoint consists of the following products:


What is SharePoint Workspace?

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