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"Software media always has what I need and at a good Telestream ScreenFlow 4 Discount price. I use them all the time for licenses for all kinds of software, mostly Windows 10 and server licenses. " /10(). Sep 20,  · Even as a professional, you could buy a more full-featured program for around the same price, making ScreenFlow particularly expensive for its niche. This app would be a good fit for those who need to both capture screen recordings and edit the video clips/5. "Software media always has what I need and at a good price. I use Telestream ScreenFlow 4 Download them all the time for licenses for all kinds of software, mostly /10().

Video Capture Pros of ScreenFlow This software offers a mostly all in one solution for video creation. This includes recording video and editing the recorded video as well as other footage being stored on the computer. On the recording end, there are options for recording the entire screen of the Mac or selecting a part of the screen to record. This works on a single screen, or offers the option to choose which monitor to record in the case there are multiple monitors connected to the computer. If a mobile device is connected to the computer, it can also record the screen of that device. If instead you want to record video and audio from a webcam, there is an option for that as well.

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You can also visit the Tools page to get a more direct link to the ScreenFlow product page. Background skip if you just want to hear about the new features!

Earlier this year, on recommendation of many folks in the content marketing and YouTube markets, I picked up a copy of ScreenFlow 4 from Telestream.

I have to admit I was skeptical. The problem is, I never seem to use Premiere! I also tried the free GoPro Studio, but again, the learning curve seemed too steep. But like I said, it came highly recommended. He assured me that ScreenFlow let him do his editing on the same day he shot, and get his projects published quickly. I used QuickTime to chop down to a series of clips, none of the video had music, titles, zoom, or changes in speed.

And their YouTube views reflected that! Best of all, working on the video was fun! I quickly clipped out dull footage, created lower thirds and other types of overlays, created slick transitions, zooms, and then tossed in inexpensive short video intro and segue clips from Splasheo. Same with my tech comm friends. ScreenFlow 5 promises even faster workflows, and some pretty cool new functionality. New ScreenFlow 5 features Direct access to iPhoto and iTunes Library Improved media handling batch export Snapback actions Since I edit quite a bit of sports footage, I tend to have frequent zooms in my videos.

This feature is a winner, and I look forward to future enhancements to the product that continue to make it even easier to use. However, with direct access to each in SF5, Telestream has found a way get me to give them each another shot. Just the thought of being able to search on metadata directly while editing is giving me warm fuzzies!

Improved media handling With the new Telestream Media Framework, playback is smoother in editing mode. It allows you to queue up multiple videos for export using the same settings. Subscribe to the newsletter and get access to my free weekly community office hours, as well as my latest content and some of my all-time favorites by email.

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