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Open specific app at launch Provide better app discoverability for your users. Open a specific custom app when opening FileMaker Pro Advanced.

Use the XML file to more easily compare changes between file versions. File-based script steps Create scripts that read, write, and manage external data files to write log files or export data in a custom format. Script Error Logging More easily debug your workflow automation. Use a preview script step to write information about script errors to a log file.

While calculation function Repeats logic while the condition is true, then returns the result; replacing the need for some recursive custom functions. SetRecursion calculation function Sets the maximum number of iterations for recursion and loops within an expression. The default limit is 50, iterations, which can be lowered or raised using this function. New managed security access New privilege allows developers to offload account access management to other team members without needing to provide full access to any other parts of the file.

New Manage Security dialog box The streamlined Manage Security dialog box makes managing access to your custom apps more efficient. Notifications warn users before loading an unsigned plug-in. Default file access protection Prevent other FileMaker files from accessing the data and schema in your custom app.

The "Require full access privileges to use references to this file" is now enabled by default in newly created files. FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced Features Description Master-detail layouts Leverage the new portal enhancements to create common design patterns like master-detail layouts.

Eliminate the need to create self-join relationships and additional scripts. Group object selection Easily modify, reposition, or resize an individual object within a group without first needing to ungroup all objects. Redesigned Layout mode The Inspector, Fields tab, and Objects tab are more discoverable through convenient panes inside the document window. Hide or show panes individually. Starter apps Get started more quickly by choosing one of the 6 new Starter apps.

Add more functionality by connecting an Add-on Table to the app. My Apps window Launch any of your custom apps from one convenient window. Easily navigate to the Create tab to find the new Starter apps.

Default fields When creating a new table, fields are automatically created that display record creation information. Multiple email attachment support Attach multiple files to an email message to have more flexible communication. Select, hide, and name objects, as well as change the stacking order. Cards Create windows that are automatically sized and placed appropriately on the main screen. Open other windows or files without having to first close the card.

Copy and paste value lists Use standard keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste value lists. Variables in FileMaker data source references Dynamically open hosted FileMaker files by specifying a variable when choosing a file path.

Enhanced cURL options Easily exchange data with other web services and applications. External script steps Extend the capabilities of third-party plug-ins with support for external script steps in the FileMaker Plug-in SDK. Clickable security lock icons Click the lock icon to get more details about the security of your network connection. OAuth 2. Field-level text encryption Ability to encrypt text in a field.

FileMaker Pro 15 Features.

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FroodboX Contacts plugin With the iPhone, iPad and iCloud services the need for a good connection between Apple's Contacts and your FileMaker solution is becoming more and more important. The download includes a set of FMP examples to get you started. What can you do with this plugin? Unfortunately not. Often you can copy the code in these examples and then modify it where needed. All our plugins are fully functional in demo mode for 30 days. We offer single user licenses as well as discounted licenses for 10, 25 50, or unlimited users.

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