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More recently, Corel Corp. Unlike many of its other programs, however, CorelCAD is not an acquisition. The new Helix command in CorelCAD lets you create 2D spirals and 3D helixes that can serve as the basis for creating more complex objects. Like AutoCAD, each drawing appears in its own window, identified by a file tab across the top of the drawing area. You can use the drawing file tabs to easily switch between drawings or start a new drawing, and use tabs in the lower-left corner of the drawing window to switch between model space and multiple sheets—equivalent to paper space layouts in AutoCAD.

With the release of CorelCAD , that trend continues. Although CorelCAD still offers individual commands for creating specific types of dimensions—such as linear, angular, diameter and ordinate dimensions—the new Smart Dimension tool automatically suggests the most appropriate dimension type. You cannot specify extension line origins, you cannot use it to place ordinate or baseline dimensions and you cannot use it to place parallel aligned dimensions.

For example, it can only place dimensions on the current layer not on a specific dimension layer. CorelCAD also does not prompt you to move, break up or replace dimensions if you attempt to place a new smart dimension that overlaps another similar dimension. CorelCAD also gains a new multileader tool that enables you to draw, edit and configure callouts with multiple leader lines and adjust existing callouts by adding and removing leader lines. The new release of CorelCAD also adds the option of pasting content from the clipboard to the current layer rather than the source layer.

Tables in CorelCAD have also been enhanced. You can now add formulas to cells using arithmetic operators as well as sum, average and count functions. In addition, once a table has been created, you can export it as a comma-separated format CSV file for subsequent import into Microsoft Excel or a database application.

For example, in previous versions, you could create primitives such as solid boxes, wedges, cylinders and spheres as well as some solid mesh objects. But once created, it was very difficult to change the size of those primitives.

Now, in CorelCAD , when you select a solid primitive, the program displays grips that enable you to move faces and vertices. You can also use the Properties palette to alter the size and rotation of solid primitives.

That means that once you perform Boolean operations, you can no longer modify the subobjects that were combined into the composite solid. You can then draw new geometry on that face and use that geometry for editing and adding elements to the 3D model.

Once you have created a helix, you can use it as the basis for creating 3D solids by sweeping a 2D or 3D curve along the helix path.

Again, this feature has been available in AutoCAD since For example, you can insert audio recordings into a drawing and play them back later. Despite the latest improvements, there are still many AutoCAD features that are not available in CorelCAD, including sheet sets, dynamic blocks and model documentation.

But with the release of CorelCAD , that list has gotten shorter. But that may be changing. Corel is now also offering the Mac version on a monthly subscription basis.

A subscription version of the mobile app will offer 3D viewing and 2D editing of any DWG file while a free version will allow viewing and annotation of drawings. More Info.

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A little too complex and expensive and buggy for some purposes. Based on Ares CAD, this program goes beyond two dimensions to offer a powerful suite of 3D modeling and export tools. Yet it remains friendly and accessible. I chose to focus this review on a comparison of 2D drafting.

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