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Corel PDF Fusion 1. Very strange considering Corel has now "upgraded" the program to the "Service Pack 1" level. Complete lack of support other than "paid premium" and no user forum. I've used both of these for years purchasing many worthwhile upgrades along the way and for the most part have been totally satisfied.

For starters, several of of it's key features just don't work properly. Importing Word or Excel files is impossible without disabling the programs integrated MS Office plugin. Rather you'll have to disable this feature and let Fusion import such files through it's file reader which doesn't always retain the original formatting.

Also, it seems to be impossible to import a text file. You'll have to find a way to pre-convert it to word or pdf before Fusin will accept it. I also didn't like the fact that when adding text, the text background is white rather than transparent. The problem is, if you want to insert text on images or non-editable objects, the white background box will cover a portion of whatever is behind it.

In it's favor I'll admit that it seems to do a decent job of importing image and pdf files. From what I've seen in surfing for reviews of this application there are surely many other problems including installation issues in some cases. I must also mention that the program's UI is nowhere near as user-friendly as one might expect after looking at Corel's screen shots and demo videos.

Generally speaking, I have no issues with "different" UI's as long as they are intuitive and functional. At first glance, the dropbox that opens when one launches the program seems like a nice touch. And it would be if so many file types didn't crash the program often requiring the user to kill the executable in task manager just to escape. Aside from the fact that this is generally frustrating, it also means you're back to square-one of your project.

But assuming one gets past the file import issues, the 3 available workspace views are somewhat confusing to navigate between. I found myself spending way to much time clicking around the program to get where I wanted to go. Lastly, there is the support issue. Basically there is none! Corel will provide free support for installation issues encounted for a few weeks after purchase. After that, you're on your own unless you want to purchase their "Premium Support" on a per-incident basis.

Without this, you can't even send a support inquiry by email. Rather, after forcing you through a maze of FAQ and knowledge base pages, Corel's support site will finally suggest that you post your problem in their user forum. The only problem is, Corel does not host a forum for this particular product. If only I could get a refund on this hopeless software! Knowing what I know, I wouldn't even suggest bothering to install the trial version but certainly do so if you need to satisfy your curiousity.

If it works for you, by all means post a postive review here. I discovered this after dumping PDF Fusion and believe me, it does everying most users could possibly want and more with a brilliant UI and first class tech-support at no cost. Unfortunately is costs about twice as much but in this case you really do get what you pay for.

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