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ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18 are now available with updated image editing and management features, available for purchase as standalone software or with cloud features for a yearly subscription fee. ACDSee Pro 8 will offer a newly developed Pixel Targeting feature which allows users to select areas of an image based on color and apply adjustments to them.

The Pro software also gets a new fill tool and adjustment history feature. A new Pixel Targeting feature allows users to quickly select parts of an image based on color and apply adjustments to them. Also included are 1-Step EQ for quick exposure adjustments and tools for applying filters and quick adjustments within the software's 'View' mode.

Both require Windows operating systems. Press Release: Until today, photographers and companies had to buy an expensive suite of products to be able to import, edit and manage their photos. Now, ACDSee provides all of these features in one easy to use, cost-effective product. ACDSee Pro 8 is the most complete solution for the enhancement and control of image production for professional photographers.

The standard version, ACDSee 18, gives any photographer the high-end tools they need to produce professional quality photos and manage their photo library. ACDSee customers can manage and share up to hundreds of thousands of images while maintaining a fast, quality experience. Both products allow users to experience the utmost control and power over the display and sharing of their images without compromising privacy.

The Indexer knows when changes have been made and automatically keeps everything up-to-date. New Special Effects- Apply a variety of brand new effects without needing to go through a cumbersome, technical multi-step process.

Improved Selections- Selections tools are now available on the main Edit mode panel, allowing users to quickly select areas of their image and move into other Edit mode tools. Edit mode Navigator Window- The automatic navigator appears when zooming into a photo, allowing users to easily move it around to view specific details. ACDSee Pro 8 also offers the following new features: Pixel targeting- selectively adjust pixels with a variety of Edit mode tools by targeting specific colors and tones within the image Edit Mode Fill Tool- users can enrich every pixel the same color as the one you clicked with your selected background color for fast enhancements Edit Mode History Window- gives users the advantage of viewing adjustment history and returning to a specific adjustment.

Additional information, including full system requirements can be found online at www.

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