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Debenu PDF Aerialist to edit and prepare intelligent PDF documents for distribution with tools for splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarks and hyperlinks. ARTS PDF Aerialist X™ and ARTS PDF Aerialist X™ Pro made ready to roll to others that I'd be madly rushing to buy the ARTS PDF products myself now if I Its products such as Debenu PDF Maximus, Quick PDF Library. ARTS PDF Aerialist Professional buy cheap. fast order and download! best price OEM Software at our shop!.

Adobe Systems Inc. Default Folder X 3. The program makes frequently-used, and recently-used folders immediately accessible from any Mac OS X Open and Save dialog. This capability not only saves time, but decreases the chance that files will be saved in the wrong place. Users can also set default folders for each application, and wade through folders quickly using hierarchical pop-up menus. In addition, user can add Spotlight keywords directly from the Save dialog.

Once you've used the program you will find it to be an essential utility. The toolbar consists of five pop-up menus: Utility, supporting the assignment of default folders to specific applications; Computer, enabling browsing of all mounted volumes via hierarchical pop-up menus; Favorites, providing immediate access to folders identified as favorites; Recents, listing up to of the most recently used folders listed by date or name; and Finder Windows, to open or save from Finder windows.

TypeIt4Me 3. These include Rich text styled clippings as well as the addition of pictures; application-specific abbreviations; nested clippings within clippings; and importation of snippets from the competitive product TextExpander, and abbreviations from Typinator files. TextExpander MAC TextExpander enables its user to store custom abbreviations that can be typed to reveal a string of frequently-used text or images.

Digital publishers will benefit from this capability in many ways: Users of other text abbreviation software, such as TypeIt4Me, and Typinator can import their abbreviation lists into TextExpander.

As the text is read the user has the option of having each word highlighted as it is spoken. The Document Reader is one of three moveable windows that comprise the VisioVoice interface. The user has a choice of exceptionally good male and female, and boy and girl voices from which to select. Sample clips can be heard at http: The high quality voices, part of the bundled Infovox iVox application, are available in many languages, including: The voices are very easy to understand and pleasant to listen to, and are a vast improvement on what is currently considered normal computer-generated speech.

The user has control over the voice speed, delay before speaking, and volume. In addition to speaking the contents of various file types, with control over play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward operations, the program can also generate audio files from Text, Word, HTML, PDF and RTF documents.

The audio files can also be output in iPod format, enabling users to carry their text-based files with them and listen to them at their leisure. This capability operates in all applications that work with Apple's Accessibility API, and includes the Finder, TextEdit, and many third-party applications. In addition to its splendid text processing capabilities, the program has a number of vision enhancement features. The first is a choice of large cursors, in cross-hair and target varieties, that make it much easier to locate the on-screen mouse pointer or cursor location.

The Image Enlarger shows a zoomed image of the area around the cursor. Most of the VisioVoice features can be configured for use with system-wide hot keys. Users can change the magnification and transparency of these windows. VisioVoice can be configured to serve the needs of a variety of users, from those without vision impairments, to those who are blind.

Origin Instruments Corp.

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