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Blow Up is a utility that specializes in enlarging photos while keeping them sharp, even at very large sizes. This version features an updated interface and adds support for Adobe's Lightroom photo management package—the home of many pro photographers. Anyone who has enlarged a photo with traditional software has experienced the disappointment of blurry details and jagged edges.

I think that, to a certain extent, the best plugin for a particular enlargement For an image like this, you probably don't want to use Blow Up as it picks a few hard. Photo Editing Programs and Plug-ins | Alien Skin Software. Snap Art 4 Blow Up 3 | Alien Skin Software Make Photo, Photoshop Plugins, Creative Photos. Alien Skin Blow Up 3 can take a small image and enlarge it to poster Get killer Velop mesh Wi-Fi for cheap in Amazon's 1-day Linksys sale.

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Memory usage is very conservative while previewing settings, though it rises significantly when processing images. While using all 12 hyper-threaded cores of my Mac Pro on a percent enlargement of a 12MP image, RAM usage jumped as high as 7GB with the Maximize speed preference, and 4GB when using the Conserve Memory option, without noticeably impacting speed. What makes a dedicated upsampling program special is the algorithm used to interpolate information in a believable way, and a good one will accentuate details while not muddling smooth transitions. Some let you sharpen and add grain but, if the base scaling is weak, then sharpening will pick up these flaws. Noise will only hide them a little, and get worse as you scale up further. I put Blow Up through its paces with a variety of image types to seehow the algorithm performed. Blow Up quality is very good when compared to the competition—at the top end Photozoom Pro, and at the bottom, Perfect Resize formerly Genuine Fractals —but just shy of being the best.


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