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However, designers and editors who lean on Dreamweaver for complex dynamic Web sites will find plenty of tweaks for editing code more easily within its WSIWYG interface. Those who code by hand may scoff at using Dreamweaver to build sites from the bottom up.

This updated application is highly appealing for providing shortcuts to difficult, dynamic coding elements. And in our tests so far, it feels faster and seems to crash less frequently than its predecessors. Rather than aiming to wow users with "gee whiz" features, Adobe's Dreamweaver improvements appear to have focused on making the less glamorous parts of the application less painful to use. You'll also need a DVD drive and a 1,x display with a bit video card.

We recommend Adobe's offer of custom installation, should you wish to save disk space by rejecting extras you don't need. The look and feel of Dreamweaver CS4, revamped from the former Macromedia property, now matches those of other Creative Suite applications.

You can jump among customizable workspaces from a pull-down menu, and we find the collapsible panels more elegant to place and resize.

Preset views include "Coder Plus" and "Dual Screen. Users will find expanded options for viewing code and design previews separately or simultaneously. Just hover over a page footer, for instance, and double-click on the text, and the navigator can take you to the code for formatting text styles. A new CSS mode in the Properties panel provides quick access to code. The Property inspector's improvements should also help to avoid cluttered CSS.

Features Adobe also uses the same rendering as Apple's Safari browser to show in real time how effects will appear in page designs. Dreamweaver's new Live View shows stuff otherwise tricky to spot in JavaScript running in a browser, such as image rollovers.

For instance, you can freeze a view of the rollover state while you're working with code in Dreamweaver. Thoughtful shortcuts include Dreamweaver's autofill suggestions as you look for items in JavaScript libraries. In addition, Adobe has added enhancements for building complex Web forms without deep developer knowledge by using the Spry framework.

There's more cooperation among the Creative Suite overall. For instance, you can drag and drop SWF files into Dreamweaver pages. Dreamweaver also allows the option of altering selected images in Fireworks.

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